I'm planning to install Linux Mint v18 from a CD. I couldn't seem to burn the download to DVD for some reason. I have a CD RW drive that makes CDs but may not burn DVDs. So I bought a CD for $6.

Can you tip me on how to do this? I looked at my Win XP PC today. It has two 80 GB SATA drives in it and has sat for most of the last 5 years. I tried to right click drive 0 and select "format" but it would not start. It gave me a message something like "Format cannot begin. Close all utilities applications that might be using drive 0 and anything drive 0 is pictured in. So I removed Glary Utilities and other stuff and it still would not let me wipe drive 0. I want to wipe XP off it and install Linux Mint. Thanks for any tips. I googled it but it didn't show the message pop up I got.