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Thread: Goodbye Facebook

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    Goodbye Facebook

    Instead of deactivating my account, I found info in deleting my profile.

    I'm done with Faccia Libre.

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    I've been tempted on numerous occasions to remove FB from my existence. I believe it is intentional how difficult they make it to delete your page. Good info here, thanks Debbie.

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    I only go there once a month or so to check in with some old classmates from primary school and distant relatives.. I never got the bug to do it more often, thankfully.

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    I still don't get the fascination. Seems to me like a gossip site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    I still don't get the fascination. Seems to me like a gossip site.
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    i deleted mine in 2008. anytime I hear about facebook its about someone getting in **** bcz or what they posted( pics partying then calling in sick for work then pics partying again.... or somebody says " I unfriended that bitch"... lol pffft facebook

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

    sometimes you have to think outside the box to get inside the box .

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    I don't use it much myself. There are too many fruit cakes on it.
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    I have used FB since day one, family only...but those days are numbered! FB can suck it with the privacy crap!

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