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Thread: Great results with my new ZyXEL C1100Z for my CenturyLink ADSL connection!

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    Great results with my new ZyXEL C1100Z for my CenturyLink ADSL connection!

    I have a CenturyLink first generation 7Mbps T1.413 ADSL connection that can't
    be upgraded because I already have the highest level of service available! Since
    my goal is to squeeze as much of the precious bandwidth out of my connection
    as I can, I've been playing around with my network! I've got it wired with Cat5e
    Ethernet cable end-to-end. In addition, I've been experimenting with DSL modems
    trying to find one that will max-out my connection. Since early this year, I was
    using my Actiontec C1000A, but it has been having problems running fast for the
    last month. This modem runs so hot that I think it's designed to self destruct
    after the warranty expires!

    Yesterday I visited a CenturyLink store to see what modems they are selling. The
    only model they offer is a ZyXEL C1100Z ADSL/VDSL modem that's custom-made
    for CenturyLink's network. Although I had poor results with an earlier ZyXEL
    modem, the sales woman assured me that I can return the C1100Z within 30
    days, no questions asked! So I dropped $99.99 (40% less than Amazon's price) for
    yet another ZyXEL modem!

    I easily swapped-out my Actiontec with the new C1100Z. During prime time, the
    C1100Z synced at 6880/896Kbps, which my Actiontec is unable to do now! I'm
    getting Internet speed tests as fast as 6800/1150Kbps, which is considerably
    faster than what my other modems can deliver! For example, my Actiontec ran at
    7072Kbps downstream for over 2 months, but it got tired and won't run this fast
    anymore! During the fast time window, the fastest Internet speed test that I
    performed was 5640/738Kbps. I believe that the C1100Z performs better than the
    Actiontec when there is congestion in CenturyLink's network, which is often! In
    addition, although the Actiontec was cooking itself to death, the C1100Z runs very

    Although it might seem that a 20% speed increase isn't worth the investment, to a
    Windows 7 user it feels like I upgraded my DSL connection speed! For example,
    Google Earth runs so fast now that it makes my head spin!

    I hope that my new modem lives a long and productive life!

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