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Thread: Is the Technicolor C2100T DSL modem still available?

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    Is the Technicolor C2100T DSL modem still available?

    I have a primitive CenturyLink 7Mbps T1.413 ADSL connection, because this is all
    that CL offers in my area! I called CL and, unfortunately, they have no plans to
    upgrade their network here! Since I have only 7Mbps to take advantage of, I've
    been experimenting with DSL modems to find one that will max-out my connection.
    The fastest that I found is my Actiontec C1000A, but like all modems that I've
    used, it's getting tired-out and is gradually slowing-down! Actiontec modems
    appear to be designed to fail shortly after the warranty expires! I also have a
    ZyXEL PK5001Z, which CL supports, but it runs even slower than the C1000A.
    I've tried TP-LINK and Netgear modems that CL doesn't support, but these run
    slow and have connection speed stability problems.

    In my CL account, I found a handy table that lists the modems that they support!
    One supported brand, that I haven't tried, is Technicolor. The Technicolor C2100T
    is the newest model that CL supports, but I'm unable to find anybody who sells it!
    I suppose that it's possible that this modem has been discontinued.

    Does anybody know the real story?

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