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Thread: Having issues with my Internet speed but only on One Computer.

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    Having issues with my Internet speed but only on One Computer.

    Hey guys i Recently upgraded my internet package to get 100 megabytes download and 10 megabytes upload. I test my speed with my MacBook Pro and i get these correct speeds. When i try these same test on my Very nice gaming PC (WINDOWS 7) i only get about 60 megabytes download and 5 megabytes upload. I use the same wired connection when i test them both and i have gone in and fixed the settings with the TCP optimizer that is offered on this site. I noticed that it is a more stable connection on this commuter now but its still slow speeds any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    I'm having a similar problem and posted about it

    I'm going to be updating it as I get to the bottom of the problem. My guess is we're having a similar issue e.g. hardware issue with PC.

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    Sounds like Hardware related Problem, maybe switch your Cable ? ( or do you use Wifi? )

    Try updating your Drivers especially Ethernet Driver.

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