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Thread: TCP Optimizer Coming to default ..

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    Exclamation TCP Optimizer Coming to default ..


    I am Living in College Hostel and Network admin Blocked Almost all gaming ports. so I have Hit registration Problem in Multiplayer Game battlefield 3 .. it is like Nothing ... I need to fire minimum 20 bullets to kill single enemy . I watched some youtube Videos to Configure the setting in TCP optimizer, But when i apply setting and Reboot my PC , when i again Click to start . it shows default one every time.
    This is What settings i apply with 1 MBPS Connection speed :
    and This is what after Reboot , it shows :
    Why setting is Changes automatically ?
    Help Please .

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    This is my question as well. I still can't figure out why it changed automatically

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    Some of the settings are not being read at startup, some are adapter specific, etc. The settings are being applied.

    Also, this thread is 7 years old, the original poster was showing different adapters, etc.
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    Is there an update for this bug yet?

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