So i switched to bell internet and got their homehub 2000 (segemcom 5250). When I plugged in directly to my computer, my IPfilter would not allow any communication with the bell ISP - no surfing or even google, unless I disable filtering private networks.

However, when I plug it into my stand alone router that I was using previously, and connect my computer to that, everything works normally even with all filters active. Speed took a negligible dip, and jitter went from 0 to 1ms. I don't know if that affects online gaming, hope not guess I'll find out soon. Turned off the wireless functions of bell's all in one modem/router as I wanted to do anyway because I don't know if they've fixed the WPS exploit completely.. or at all since they've never admitted it. Anyways:

Am I more secure or did i just bypass my own security?

The private network labelled "IANA-private-use-networks [RFC 1918]" was blocked before and is still being blocked and I did a WHOIS on that and got a big goose egg, however
the SG Security Audit passed, no ports open.

That's good. I don't see the more indepth scans after i just registered, looking...

I don't think that RFC 1918 is bell tho, cuz I was blocking that with my last ISP, and direct connections didn't get silently frozen by my security like bell does.

Why would bell canada's ip range be disallowed communication intentionally? Are they spying for the gumment or something?