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Thread: TP Link router disconnect from pc

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    TP Link router disconnect from pc

    tp link 841n router :::: after 15 to 20 min disconnect from pc . lag ping . pls help

    Firmware Version:
    3.16.9 Build 150616 Rel.52099n
    Hardware Version:
    WR841N v11 00000000

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    I assume you are talking about the TL-WR841N model..

    I would first separate it from any possible sources of EMI (power supplies, modem, computers, monitors, fluorescent lights, etc.)

    Are wired clients able to connect fine when you are experiencing the issues ?
    I would try a wired connection to make sure the problem is not somewhere else, this will help you determine whether it is the Wi-Fi or your internet connection (possibly even the modem-to-router link).

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