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Thread: Port Scanning / Network Analyzer Software

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    Question Port Scanning / Network Analyzer Software

    What are the better recommended programs that are either freeware or cost around $30 - $40 that are good for scanning UDP, TCP ports, pinging, network analyzing, etc.?

    I'm looking for something with a lot of features and flexibility. Need this for Windows 98SE.

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    Hey there,

    Since you are not running a networked os you may have trouble. Many of the tools I am aware of run under *nix and nt/2k. have you tried shields up at They don't check all 65k+ ports but that should probably be enough for you. You can try 'angry ip scanner', which probably has everything you need but is pretty basic.

    You should be aware that running port scanners inside your lan full time should be considered a security hole in most circumstances. In listening to the ports and logging info, the host must accept connections.

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