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Thread: thoughts on a monitor like this ?

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    thoughts on a monitor like this ?

    is this "ultrawide" for gaming ? or is it useful for DT ? instead of dual monitors ?
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    It depends whether your game supports that resolution I guess. I know Remote Desktop only shows part of the screen on those, Teamviewer works though. I doubt this matters for home use much though, I imagine gaming would be cool for those games that support it. If you have to fall back to a smaller resolution for older games it may get a bit weird.

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    IIRC 21:9 is or at least was also a film/movie aspect ratio so you could conceivably watch movies without them being "letterboxed". Aside from that, like Philip said your game would need to directly support that resolution or be able to run in windowed mode or else the results may be unpredictable. As far as desktop applications (which usually can run in resizable windowed mode) you could treat it like a huge desktop and size the windows as you like..

    Personally I prefer multiple monitors of standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Not many issues to speak of there even with legacy applications/games.
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