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Thread: All In One Cleaning Tools

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    All In One Cleaning Tools

    Any advice on what is the best all in one pc cleaning tool? I am currently using advanced system care pro on win7 pc.

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    iobit tools are generally frowned up by it professionals, as it invites too much other bloatware, it's borderline adware malware. You don't need those "snake oil" all in one system utlities.
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    When the computer starts, I have CCleaner free automatically run at boot. It cleans up a bunch of data, that if discovered by accident, might prove to be embarrassing. I know this because my wife found my download and URL history when I was helping my father with his quest for info on itchy rectum. I installed CCleaner seconds after. I use the registry cleaner within CCleaner. It's a pretty simple cleaner but what the heck. I use a more robust cleaner to get the dirt out of the registry. CCleaner is one of the first software tools I install to keep the system clean at each boot.

    I always run the TCPoptimizer posted on this website. Two clicks of a mouse, and a reboot, and I get the best speeds possible.

    No one single tool seems to do it as well as 4 or 5 stand alone tools.
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