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Thread: Weird Windows 8 Issue

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    Weird Windows 8 Issue

    Just saw this today, helping someone with some minor issues on their Windows 8 computer, (not 8.1).

    Whenever you click to move or resize a window (browser, notepad, word document, etc.), You get a grid of about 6 boxes, some outlined in yellow, at least one outlined in red.

    You can see thru the boxes and when you release the mouse, from doing the resize or move of the window, the boxes go away.

    Any ideas on how to clear this up. Already checked this computer for viruses and malware and it's clean.

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    FYI, for anyone interested or who sees something similar, I figured this out.

    His monitor was a Dell with no buttons for screen control or screen menus, so his PC had Dell Display Management software on the computer. I turned that off, so it does not load on startup, and this problem went away.

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