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Thread: Help choosing broadband package

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    Help choosing broadband package

    Hi all hoping you can help me choosing the right broadband package. Our area has recently been upgraded to fibre optic and as such we are changing our broadband package to get a better connection. Speaking to BT (our provider) they estimate that we will be able to get between 18-25 Mb speed. The two options for the packages are one that is upto 35Mb and one that is upto 70Mb. Now seen as our estimated speed is lower than the 35Mb option would there be any point at all in going for the higher package? I don't know much about these things so was wondering if with the higher package we are more likely to get towards the top end of our estimate than if we go for the lower package.
    We would really appreciate your expert advice here!

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    Welcome to your new world of increased broadband speeds! but be warned..our initial choice of contract with Plusnet (having been promised speeds of up to 76 Mbps) was the higher option. It proved to be an unobtainable speed as we could never get much above 40 to 45. It was Plusnet themselves that contacted us and suggested a lower priced contract when we noticed that we had never experienced speeds higher than 45 Mbps. There are so many variables that dictate your actual speed..distance from the cabinet..whether you have FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) ...or FTTP (fibre to the premises) If BT have estimated your speed to be 18 to 25 then in my honest opinion you probably might not improve much above that.

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    It is hard to guestimate without trying them. There may be no difference whatsoever until they reach capacity.

    However, the slowdown at peak times may be less noticeable with a higher tier plan (because all residential ISPs oversubscribe by a lot). I would start with the lower package.

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    I would suggest yoy to use higher 75mb package.. there are more chances to get maximum speed then

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    Try lower package.
    If you used before any kind of xDSL connect, you used a half duplex connection. By fiber you get full duplex. It's very different things.

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