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Thread: Men's Electric Shavers

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    Men's Electric Shavers


    Got any tips on these? I'm still using my Dad's old Norelco triple header but it has a problem with the switch and keeps cutting out. It shaves close though (I have a light growth and sensitive skin). I usually shave about every 2-3 days. I also have a Philips Norelco 3x header but the blades seem dull and should be replaced. The motor and battery seem to be OK. Should I get new blades for it, which will cost about $25, or just get a new 3x header? I can get a new Remington 3x header for about $33.

    Some people just get a new shaver instead of getting new blades but that seems wasteful. On the other hand, it seems a ripoff to have to replace the blades so often, kind of like HP likes to screw people with ink cartridges.

    I never liked shaving with shaving cream and hand razors, my skin is too sensitive for that. They say hand razor shaving removes skin as well as hair.

    There are a lot of working older 3 headers on eBay for $15 or so.

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    I recently bought a Philips Norelco shaver 4100 Model AT810 (from Amazon). It works pretty well.

    Previously, I used a Remington Remington R5130, which was okay but never shaved as closely as the Norelco. I have just ordered a replacement head for the Remington, because it is good to have a backup.

    Both of those are cordless rechargable. The Philips Norelco uses a lithium battery, and the Remington uses a mickel metal hydride battery.

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    I had a Norelco and didn't really like it, currently have a Braun and its pretty nice but it was expensive. They've kept the same cleaning carts for years, very happy about that. I haven't changed the blades yet, probably should I've had this for a couple years.

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    hard to out do the old fashion wet shave.i still use a brush and cup soap but a modern razor.
    have tried a couple of electric shavers in the past but not a close shave for me.

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