Hi folks.. hope everyone is well.. I still do come around here. I picked up a part time job training people nation wide virtual classroom..remotely, in regards to I.T. certification prep.
Doing the part time job and my main job keeps me busy.

I've been thru many tropical storms and hurricanes and blizzards when I lived to the "right" of YeOldeStonecat up north.. but this mass flooding event is way wild.

They cancelled all schools tomorrow, so my daughter (who is 8 yrs old now) is happy because of that.. but there is a big rain basin that is on the other side of the street, that has so much water in it, it looks like a pond from my 2nd floor window. And the poor people at the end of that is getting there houses flooded out because the rain basin is cresting "over" to there backyards. Not any of the house around here have basements like up north, just slabs.. I just hope there first floors are not getting water damage. This area that I live in is suppose to be a "non-flood" zone, but from what the news is saying this is a "500 year" event.

Hopefully I don't have to pack my old duffel bag with emergency long stay gear and go into the city for work.. I hope they will allow me to telecommute in.
All of the main rivers in the city have flood over from what I've been told, and a lot of the bridges and roads are closed in all directions in the state.