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Thread: need to repair Outlook Express. Inbox corrupted.

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    need to repair Outlook Express. Inbox corrupted.

    need to repair Outlook Express. Inbox 'corrupted'.

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    Outlook Express? Means you're running Windows XP which is an outdated operating system.

    Don't waste your money on those tools you see spammed all over the place by foreign spammers.
    Just rebuild it manually, it's easy.
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    Follow these steps to get the information lost:
    1. Re-create your mail folder hierarchy by dragging folders into place in the Folder list. Note that any folder you have created to group sub-folders but that does not itself contain messages will not appear in the Folder list and so must be created again.
    2. Re-download the list of newsgroups from each news account.
    3. Reset your subscribed newsgroups and download messages again.
    4. Reset synchronization options on IMAP and newsgroup folders.
    5. Edit any message rule that moves or copies messages to folders other than the Inbox.
    These are the steps from which you can get the lost information back. And if your information not recovered again then it might be severe problem.In this case you have to go for recovery software to get your dbx files data back. I can refer you a link which can surely help you to get your lost data back. Try this [spam] link: [removed by admin]

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