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Thread: Windows Logon Password Recovery

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    Windows Logon Password Recovery

    7/17/15 I have had a Dell Studio 1555 for about 4 years but have not used it for over a year. I HAVE FORGOTTEN the Windows 7 logon. It boots okay to that point and is waiting for me to type in the password. Do you have any suggestions how to recover the password or even to bypass it?
    Thankks in advance for your help.


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    Offline NT Password Recovery & Registry Editor. Used it many many times for the past 7 years or so.


    - need to burn iso to disc (ask if you need tips). easy peasy with a free tool.
    - text based rather than gui. not sure how this can be a con, but I guess its not for everyone
    - can take a couple tries due to no easy button

    google for the newest version. I burned my version awhile back so can't guarantee the best url.
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