I live in Denver, Colorado, and have had Qwest and then CenturyLink for years. Right now I'm stuck with CenturyLink for my home DSL. My monthly rate went from $27 to DOUBLE that in June. I called their customer service, who then transferred me to the retention group. After a LONG hold period, they agreed to restore my old rate. They lied. My most recent bill was with the new doubled rate. I called them again, and they said that they could do a $21 plan with automatic billpay (which I won't do), or $31. But not the rate that we agreed on.

I called a useless local rep named Karen, but haven't heard back. I then wrote to an executive vice president at CenturyLink. Some idiot in their Idaho office wrote back and said the usual "valued customer" ********. Yup, they double the rates of their valued customers. And then they lie to their customers.

I filed a complaint against them with the FCC, not that that will do any good.

Anyway, I'm not paying the bill and am looking for an alternative to CenturyLink. They truly suck!