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Thread: Been busy this last month

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    Been busy this last month

    Short and sweet.

    Allie, my female GSD got out and promptly hit by a car. She is now a tripod. 2200 bucks just to stabilize her at the e-vet. Normal vet also lightened my pockets substantially for the following surgery. She's doing great, learning how to cope with 3/4ers or her normal running gear. She is a tough SOB, she got walloped and didn't cry hardly at all. I do see that later in life it's going to be an issue, but she is still young and is going to be slowed down very little.

    I got a new(to me) car. A 2005 Mazda Miata MazdaSpeed. Think turboed go-cart and it's pretty close. Flyin Miata is getting a call soon for some engine work. I want 200 @ rear wheel hp, this 180 flywheel hp is not enough. I think I can manage this without tweaking the ECU or making it a headache at inspection time. My WRX is a big enough PITA to sneak through inspections.

    Promotion at work. I get to use my brain more here pretty soon rather than my back. Tool setting requires thought but it's pretty regular, steel is steel when you are hanging it. Processing the injection requires lots of creative and critical thinking. Hope I do well.
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    yes,they do get by pretty well with 3 legs,mostly because they don't feel sorry for themselves and don't whine about it,they just deal with it,unlike us humans ,

    and cudos to you for helping her ! not putting her down. and it's great to see you hear also !

    congrats on the car and promotion !
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    glad your dog survived! sounds like most of the damage is to your bank account >>> fricken Dogs!<<<

    Miata huh.../@wttf Havin a hard time picturing you driving out to shoot stuff with your guns in the miata

    cheers to the promo!

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

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    Good to see you, man. Glad the pup has an owner who will do what it takes instead of giving up. Mad respect there.

    The car? People tendt to giggle at a Miata or S2000 'til they soil their fruit smugglers taking a blind corner at .9g. Haters gonna hate.

    The promo? Grats on that, and now you're talking my language as far as manufacturing. I work for a different company than I did back when I sent you that box of materials samples. No more carbon fiber but more odd alloys (but plastics mostly). Anyways, toolsetting I understand but am not familiar with the process you're talking about. Ever wanna shoot the breeze, PM sent.
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    All these newbies posting in this thread. <SMH> :P

    Goin' the Miata way, huh, Brembo? Excellent handling car, to be sure - small, lightweight. How do you propose to bump up the HP like you want without a PCM reprogram?

    Oh, and congrats on the new gig!

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    Hey, It's good to see you. (In a cyber sense!) That sucks about Allie. wishing her a speedy recovery! Congrats on the promo!

    Ghost, good to see you also. Your son Tony must grown now. I hope that he is doing good! I am getting old and suffering from CRS syndrome (Can't Remember Squat!) however I am fairly sure it was Tony...

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