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Thread: Windows 8 enterprise custom template poweshell

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    Windows 8 enterprise custom template poweshell

    is possible someway, somehow to change template in windows 8 to custom, so i was able modify delayedacktimeouts ?
    I tried set in gpedit.msc, path:Administrative Templates\Classic Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows PowerShell\Script Execution to enabled, for user and computer and it didn't work.
    I used windows server 2012 r2 and i could feel big difference, but there was terrible dpc latency.
    Commands i tried, set-nettcpsetting -custom, netsh int tcp set supplemental custom, but it still stayes in ethernet template.
    Btw i already have disabled nagle in registry, but i heard in windows 8 it doesn' work and i have in powershell default 50ms, which sux.
    Thanks much.

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    Unfortunately, Microsoft has pretty much locked down Windows 8 template switching, even though some of the settings are global and apply to all templates. As you have noted, it is possible with server OSes.

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