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Thread: R.I.P. minir - with a sad heart

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    RIP Larry. You are a good soul.
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    RIP Larry, I never had the pleasure of knowing him personally but he always had such a laid back persona on SG. Certainly will be missed.


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    I miss Larry...

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    wow.. Not the type of news I like to read on my occasional drive-by visit to SG. This news takes the wind out of my sail tonight and I am deeply saddened. The SG family is full of intelligent and tech savvy folks whom most of us techies can admit we've learned a thing or two from one another over the years; however, I find that its the not-so-tech savvy folks such as Larry that end up teaching us the most. He really seemed to have the right attitude about life that I wish more folks would emulate. I will toast to his life this weekend with my friend Basil Hayden and go on living my life with a piece of his positive attitude forever embedded in my subconscious. Thank you Larry for all the laughs, the "Happy Birthdays", and the smiles at the end of your clever, yet always friendly responses. You were a class act gentleman all the way. R.I.P.
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    I just saw this, I am very sad to see this and that I missed it 2 months ago.

    Rest in Peace Minir.
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    RIP :-(
    Prayers and Condolences ....

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    Wow,I haven't been on for a while but I'm really sorry to hear this. I always loved his morning funnies.
    RIP Minir, We will Always remember you.

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    So sad to hear about Larry's passing. I've been a member of the SG community for a very, very long time and minir was always there as a friend for all.

    Larry, you will be missed. Rock on in heaven.
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    Wow, not what I expected to see on my annual drop in... RIP minir.

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    15 years ago Larry saved my family $12,000.00 and he was very humble and wouldn't take any credit for it. He was a real gem! link about it below

    Thanks again!

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

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    I had forgotten that story and Larry's involvement Randy, thanks for reminding us, he was a great person indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    WOW, I am so sad to hear this...

    I don't post often, however I do try to keep an eye on the forums and always enjoyed his informative posts as well as the jokes...

    RIP Larry...

    Thanks Terry for telling us. I was thinking of you the other day and wanted to PM Larry to ask him about you... Please tell his family that we will be thinking of them... No doubt this is very hard on his mother...
    This is very sad news. I haven't been on SG for a few years but I sure remember Larry being one of the best posters on this site. He was always funny and conducted himself with class and integrity. He will surely be missed by everyone that knew him.

    RIP buddy. Know that you're remembered and left a good legacy.
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    It has been a year since I found out about Larry's passing and I really miss talking to him. Tonight I am tipping a couple back for him.

    He was not much of a drinker in his latter years, but when we come in from duck hunting all day we would each take the cap off a bottle of rye and solve all the worlds problems before going to bed. I would have liked one more hunt.

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    He was definitely an interesting character and a good friend to many of us. We will not forget him.

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    I was at my friends cottage a couple of summers ago and I hadn't been there in years, it's located in the same town where Larry lived.

    When we got back to the city, I messaged Larry just to say hi and and say I was just in his neck of the woods.

    I wasn't even sure if he would remember me but of course he did.

    Every time I log into Speedguide I see this thread and feel the feels.

    Cheers Larry.
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    Terry, Have you heard if his mom is doing ok?

    I think of Larry anytime that I think of hockey, as well as other times... Tampa and Pittsburg are fighting for the East, and winner will be known tonight or Thursday.

    Go BOLTS!

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