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Thread: been awhile...what did I miss

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    been awhile...what did I miss

    Other then minir passing away what have I missed? Been a while...

    Me? Still married. My daughters are now 8 6 and 4.5. Still doing the shift work since 2007. Still do a bit if IT contracting on the side for my toys. Speaking of toys, I got one of those 2014 Jeep Wrangler 4 doors back in September.

    How about your guys?
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    Hello nightowl ! Nice to see you around, it's been ages it seems.

    My two girls are growing up very fast as well, 10 and 15 now.. Jeep sounds like a nice toy, I've always liked the look but couldn't justify buying one for driving around town. I just use my Harley if I want to catch some wind and make a bit of noise

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    Hey, hope you're well

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    What's up!

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