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Thread: Old Tablet

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    Old Tablet

    After having my old Tablet for Several Years, finally got a new one.

    Went from a Acer A200
    to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5)

    Trying to figure out what to do with the Acer Tablet.
    My Wife and Daughter both of Tablets already.
    I don't think it's really worth selling.

    Any ideas on something I could use it for?

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    GPS navigation/mp3 player in vehicle ? (if you can interface Bluetooth with speakers)
    Picture Frame or kitchen weather station/TV streaming ?
    Remote control (maybe too bulky) ?
    It can even be a security webcam, there is an IP webcam app out there.

    If none of these appeals to you, you can always just sell it on eBay, donate it, or give it to an elderly/young relative that would appreciate it, not necessarily in that order

    I personally use a Nexus 7, and find the 7" screen size more convenient for reading ebooks and carrying around, If I have to go over 10" I'd rather grab a laptop I suppose. Of course that's just my opinion.

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    Thanks, for the Suggestions...

    The GPS chip never got it to work, so this will be crossed off.
    I'll look into the rest of them.

    I have a pretty nice Truck GPS anyway.
    Rand McNally TND720
    Going to get the New Garmin dezl770 prolly next year if this one lasts.

    Both my Wife and Daughter have 7in Tablets, felt those are kind of small.
    I wanted to get the 12in Samsung Tab but it is $650, and $399 for the 'S' and I have 2 kids now so..yeah.

    I have a decent Laptop which just needs a Reformat...
    Sometimes it's easier/faster just to grab my Tablet for some things.

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    Google alternative uses for tablets, there're a bunch of neat thin you can do with them, similar to what Phillip suggested.

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