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    What's up with

    I am tyring to move a guys domain and email from, but there are no domain menu options to change MX or A records on login page. Plus there are no toll free numbers that work to speak to custoerm care. There was one number that I sopke wit a guy named Ken (thickest Indian accent I've heard in years) he said he would make the DNS changes but that it would cost me to change the DNS records. This did not smell right so I hung up.

    What is a good working number for Yahoo where you can speak to someome who will not charge you to change DNS records? The site was registered with them and is goo until Novenmber 2015, so why do I have to pay to change DNS?

    I spent several hours talking on 9 different numbers found on the web alll leading to disconnected numbers or pointing to a website taht does not help you.

    8007302669, tells you to go to
    1-800-318-0612, tells you to go to
    1-866-562-7219 disconnected
    1-800-318-0631 disconnected
    1-877-722 3755 points to ATT customer support… nothing to do with
    Corporate Headquarters (408) 349-3300, tells you to go to
    8882248533 support desk (India), only works on Outlook problems for Yahoo but does not have any working numbers to reach

    8003150201 Urgent Answers, wanted money to change DNS records

    Searching for “how do I change MX records to point away from Yahoo to a new email provider”? No help

    Thnaks in advance.

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    They're awful! Purely awful!

    Do a takeover of domain registration...and transfer the domain to a real registrar. Will take some faxing of proof of identity back 'n forth a couple of times, but it will be done in ~1 week.
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