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Thread: Comcast 105/12 vs Fios 75/75? Thoughts and opinions highly welcomed!

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    Comcast 105/12 vs Fios 75/75? Thoughts and opinions highly welcomed!

    I currently have Comcast internet and TV with 102/12 download and upload speed. I am very happy with my download speeds but my upload speed are lacking. I am using more upload then I ever though I would due to uploading to YouTube, all my photos now automatically upload along with everyone of my files, movies, tv shows, pictures, music etc... being uploaded to the cloud and stored vs storing anything locally. I was thinking about switching to fios due to upload speeds plus I am not very happy with Comcast TV services and Fios seems to offer a lot more in that department.

    I currently have my own modem for Comcast that goes into my NightHawk router on a gigabyte network. The set up works well. I have about 4 devices connected Ethernet/wired, my PC being the biggest bandwidth hog. The remaining 15+ devices in my house are wireless, hence why I paid $300 for the NightHawk router. Keep in mind that all 15+ devices are not used at one time.

    I mainly downloaded movies/tv shows, play games, download games, download files. I do this at times while my wife is using the internet, playing a game or streaming a movie. My house uses close to 400 gigs a month o_0.

    Do you guys think I'd notice much of a difference going from 105/12 to 75/75? Would I still get quick downloads and low gaming latency?

    I know I have to use Fios router so I was thinking about disabling Fios routers wifi and running an Ethernet from their router to mine for wireless and hard wired connects. I've heard of others doing this. Worst case cenario is if 75/75 is horrible I could upgrade to their 150/150 plan.

    What are your thoughts on this matter? I could really use another opinion from a "techie" besides myself.

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    I used to be in a Fios area and it beat cable hands down - it wasn't just the speed, but speed variation and latency was much better. It probably varies with location, but I'd definitely try it.

    You can leave the Fios router Wi-Fi on, and connect your Nighthawk via ethernet (lan port) to it and place it in another area of your house, setup as an access point. Just an idea:

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    I've had Comcast since @home days and I have zero complaints. I routinely see 112+mb down / 12mb up, pings below 30ms. I'm running a SB6120 with a Netgear nighthawk R7000, latest official Netgear firmware.

    MSI 990FXA-GD80v2
    AMD FX-8350 @ 4.62ghz
    16GB DDR3 @ 1866 8-9-9-24 1.5v
    2 x 150gb WD Raptors in Raid 0
    750GB WD Black
    500GB WD Black
    1TB WD Ultra USB3 ext
    Sapphire 7970
    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

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    I was pretty happy with Comcast for 5 years.. Then, recently it all went downhill. I think it's just that my community became overcrowded and it reached some oversubscription threshold, everybody got on the bandwagon and switched from DSL to cable.. Comcast had to split the node in two at some point. Now, every day after 5-6pm it slows down for about 6 hours, until people stop streaming/watching TV, etc. Incredible lag spikes, speeds drop to 1-5 Mbps, it's bad. I've called Comcast a number of times, talked to clueless techs telling me my SB6141 is "End-of-Life" equipment and all kinds of runarounds, I've had a (subcontracted) tech come to my house to tell me nothing is wrong, had a "Quality assurance" Comcast guy come and tell me there is a bad tap on the street, etc. During the day I get to my Blast speed cap consistently, it is great. The best I got out of Comcast is $20 credit on my monthly bill for all the complaining. I've shown them 10 traces with lag spikes up to over 1000ms, etc. Nothing would nudge them to increase capacity or do something meaningful to improve the service, it seems.

    Xfinity is exempt from any caps, everyone is streaming some kind of media/TV/Netflix/Hulu/Sling, so the moment everyone is online it can slow down to a crawl. I am saying to the point where not only video streaming (1.5Mbps), but also VoIP starts cutting out at peak times, my phone! That's where I'm with my Comcast experience, they are great when service works, unless you have to deal with tech support (wasted hours without any resolution), or you have problems. Please excuse the rant.

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