Hi everyone,

long story short, Iīve been struggling with lags over the years.

Problem description: Bullets arenīt correctly registered by the servers. People are invincible, either left with almost zero health, or not hit at all, they an also have half the HP, just anything... Sometimes, you can see the hit markers and blood, sometimes you can see just blood, sometimes you canīt see anything. It doesnīt matter. The problems differs slightly in every game, but the core never changes: when people are meant to die, they donīt. THIS APPLIES TO ALL GAMES, FROM MODERN WARFARES, TO BATTLEFIELDS, SWATS, COUNTER STRIKES, GHOST RECONS AND ANYTHING OTHER NOT MENTIONED.

Fixes tried (none worked): Bought new PC, bought better internet, different Windows, formated them many times over the years, tried playing with different resolutions (640x480 to 2880x1620 and all other possible resolutions available) and different video settings, V-Sync on/off, 60 stable FPS (without V-Sync), or uncapped FPS, bought new router, modem, cable, never used Wi-Fi. Tried countless game tweaks and fixes, tried all TCP Optimizer tweaks, GameBoosters, I used C-Cleaners weekly, too. I did make sure all drivers are updated. Tried playing with all CPU cores enabled, less cores enabled, Low, Medium, High, Realtime Priorities.

My Internet connection:
Cable connection
120 Mbps download
12 Mbps upload
5 jitter
0 packetloss
9 to 30 ping based on which server I am playing, thereīs literally NO DIFFERENCE

If needed, I can post a video about the problem.

Any help is going to be kindly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Best regards,