I have a 5.1 Sony Receiver, bought around 2010 (will post exact model later)...

I will pass an HDMI cable to the HDMI IN slot one each for blu-ray, cable box and laptop. I have an HDMI cable running to my TV (or projector).

What I want/expect is: 1. the HDMI cable will pass in both video and audio to the Receiver, 2. The TV will display video of whatever output is selected on the receiver and 3. The receiver will play the audio associated with whatever output is selected on the receiver.

What happens is: The video works as expected on the TV but I never receive any sound out of the speakers. To get sound from the speakers I must redundantly set up an optical or coax cable to get digital sound (I do have analog options for sound also). In the case of my projector I don't believe I can run a separate audio cable, HDMI

Also, right now when I play something on the laptop, the sound won't play through the receiver speakers, but the HDMI cable going out from the receiver to the projector carries the signal and plays sound through the small projector speakers. It proves the sound signal is going through to the end, I just wish I could play it in the middle. In the case of my blu ray player it's a bit annoying but works fine to set up a redundant optical cable for sound. In the case of a laptop to projector, I could only put out analog audio from the headphone jack and transmit sound back to the projector via composite cable. I think I would not be able to mix analog sound and digital video successfully on any input of the projector.

1. Am I doing something clearly wrong?
2. Are all receivers like this or do I need a new one. If I get a new one is there some feature that I need to look for?
3. Can you give me any key words, any good web sites to check etc. to figure this problem out. Right now my google searches are taking me all over the place because I'm not using the right magic words to get relevant searches.