I want to setup a simple server so i can access my pc when i am out, i have done this quite a few years ago but things have tightened up in the time between then and now, well it seems so to me.

I have forwarded a port range of 50000-50025, i wan not sure i had done this right so found some software that did it for me, actually i had done it right anyway. In this software there is an open port checker and this tells me that my port range is in fact open.
However if i use and online port checker I'm told that they are closed. Next in-line is win7 firewall, i have allowed my server software (Filezilla) through the firewall, does not work. I have created an inbound rule, does not work. I have created my port range in both public and private, does not work.
I feel like a spinning top just going round and round in the same spot, WTF an i doing wrong !!!!!!

I have also checked my ports here as well, guess what, closed. Ok i know it's what i am doing that is not right..........please help (beg)
I have visited many many web sites and all seem to say the same, i have tried what they advised though in reality it's all the same. I will say i am mainly a user not a techy person though i can get by ok.