Hey all,

I've got a media room where I've decided to buy a laptop to play movies (over continuing to stream or use USB via Samsung Blu Ray which experiences disconnects and Cinavia protection) and hook up some old emulators to play old video games.

The laptop will be fairly dedicated to my media room, will occasionally take it around the house or on trips (yes I want a mobile device not a PC, doesn't need to be super slim size or anything). Netbooks/tablets that won't have enough USB slots or HDMI out slots won't cut it so I figure a mid-size laptop is what I'm looking at. I just figure I need a decent chip for CPU/Graphics as I've found laptops can struggle to play videos after a few years (netbooks a few years ago basically couldn't even play videos from day 1). Guess I'm saying, I may as well spend a little extra now to get another year or 2 out of this device. If things like the battery are just going to die in 3 years anyway maybe thinking too far ahead isn't worth it...

I was thinking of getting something like an Intel Core i5 like http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/...308d589c34en02 on sale probably on a Boxing week.

Even looking through different vintages of i5 chips alone it's hard to sort through everything. I looked at an Intel chip comparison list and could see that some of the new i5 can take 15 W of power to do what some of the old ones did with 35 W of power, but to be honest exactly what processor best meets my needs isn't clear to me. My guess is I don't want Celeron or Atom. i3 or i5 is my guess. What is even more vague to me is what "HD Graphics 4400" brings to the table vs. the older "HD Graphics 3000".

As I said, really just want this thing to play movies for years. Will integrated video do, or do I need to look at more? Is there a way I can spend a little less and get everything I need (bigger CPU usually comes with bigger, nicer screens and features I would barely appreciate)?

P.S. I just got thinking, maybe if I only have 1 USB slot I can get away with it if I can put a USB hub on there. Curious to know if that approach works well.

I'm open for ideas.