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Thread: Capturing vids and radio streams legally?

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    Capturing vids and radio streams legally?


    my first question is if capturing videos and music/radio streams from websites is legal (or when is it not legal anymore?)
    and my second question is if you know some good and simple to handle programs to (legally) capture this kind of media

    I don't really have a clue about it but I'd like to have such a program if I am not about incuring a penalty by that...


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    The legality varies by country/region and is a bit fuzzy, as with many media copyright laws.
    For example, in many countries it is allowed to copy media for personal use, if the artists have received a "fair compensation" already, which could be assumed they already did with a radio broadcast? Also, importers and manufacturers of recording devices/media in both the EU and US (mp3 players, CDRs, DVDRs) are charged a special royalty, part of which is divided between copyright holders, record labels, music publishers, etc. All that makes it theoretically legal to copy digitally broadcasted media only for private use, if there is no copyright statement otherwise prohibiting it. However, it is still a matter of legal debate and not certain. Copyright law is extremely complex. It's so complex that lawyers, lawmakers, and experts heavily argue over how it's interpreted and applied. Still, if you commit a copyright crime, you can't use ignorance as an excuse :/

    The big ones to remember are:
    - It is illegal to circumvent any protections that are put in place to prevent duplication.
    - It is illegal to copy any media that has a copyright statement saying it is illegal to copy it.
    - It is illegal to distribute media once copied for personal use.

    Disclaimer: I'm sure I've missed something, this is just my understanding and should in no way be considered legal advice

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    - It is illegal to copy any media that has a copyright statement saying it is illegal to copy it.
    That one is not entirely true in the USA.
    US copyright law is usually what the RIAA and other US entities are guided by.

    As soon as ANY work is completed it is automatically copyrighted. Registering the work is required in order to handle anything about it in courts and is necessary for other legal reasons.

    All the info you need re US Copyrights is here:

    Fair Use is abused quite often:

    The copyright holder can also issue a broad statement as to what may or may not be reproduced, as in the Grateful Dead allowing the reproduction of their recorded concerts that have not been also made for sale by them.
    No one has any right to force data on you
    and command you to believe it or else.
    If it is not true for you, it isn't true.


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