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Thread: Windows 7 tweak to make work like windows nt/xp tcp ip protocol

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    Windows 7 tweak to make work like windows nt/xp tcp ip protocol

    the newer v4 and v6 protocol in windows 7 works real good. some older bbs's such as worldgroup 2.0 does not work well
    with the v4,6 protocol. can connect. slow text updates as a guess are because of protocol incompatabilities. the network
    protocol in windows nt/xp connects and quick text updates are normal. any idea how to fix in windows 7?

    microsoft won't make a protocol available to match nt/xp tcp ip.

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    What do you mean by "v4,6 protocol" ? Do you mean IP version 4 and IP version 6 ? You can simply turn off IPv6 in the Network Adapter settings.

    It is all about TCP/IP settings... I'd suggest matching the default XP TCP/IP settings using the Optimizer and see if it works better.

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    tcp ip v4 and v6 (stated as v4,6) only tcp ip i know of in windows 7. have tried tcpoptimizer before. great program. does not help connection

    here is history:

    windows 7 connect telnet to world group 2.0 bbs.
    connects ok. text updates slow so games are impossible to play because missing round hits.

    maybe consider route to bbs problem except

    same connection, use windows xp
    connect, text updates are normal, same exact route
    there is a difference tcp ip protocol management

    seek to make v4, v6 tcp ip in windows 7 work like nt/xp tcp ip

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