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Thread: images not loading

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    images not loading

    Hi, I just recently was given my mom's cheapie notebook that she didn't want anymore because she's upgrading. I have my own computer but it's very old and about to die.

    I did a clean install of windows 8.1, and everything seemed to be fine, except now some images don't load. Facebook and youtube particularly, although others, like CNN and other random sites, work fine. The problem doesn't happen on the old computer, only the new one, and not on my phone or tablet - just on the new pc. It happens in IE, Chrome and Firefox. Like, Facebook will load, but no images will load, and the list of friends on the far right is grayed out. Youtube shows no images, just links, and when I click on a video it says "video unavailable". I tried to download flash and the "install now" button appears for a second and vanishes.

    I'm assuming it's some kind of security setting on my PC, but what? I've wandered around in the settings now for an hour and can't find what it would be.

    Any help appreciated, and sorry if this is the wrong forum.

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    The notebook is an Asus x551 btw

    also, when I look at javascript code thingie, there's a ton of "cert invalid images wont load", and in the address bar on websites, the https has a red slash through it.

    it also wont let me download spotify - images dont load on that site either, and when I click the "download spotify" link, nothing happens.

    I've never run into this error before.... it's driving me crazy :/
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