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Thread: Problems with my internet speed

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    Problems with my internet speed


    I have a problem with my internet speed. A week ago i was able to download from steam games with speed of 2-6 MB/s and from origin 1-3 MB/s, but now i cant even watch videos on 320p on you-tube, because speed is like 100-200 kB/s. In it shows that i am able to download up to 8.2 MB/s and upload up to 2.5 MB/s (if i am onlyest 1 downloading in the internet server).

    For more information if it helps - in router settings it shows that it is receiving only 1.2 mb/s witch is abaute 150 kB/s. And it is LMT (Latvijas Mobīlais Internets) internet router witch is on huawei base.
    P.S. onlyest place where i can see 3-4 MB/s is in torrents, everywhere else it is max 200 kB/

    Thanks for help.

    Here is pic from
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    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
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