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Thread: Wireless devices connected to WiFi, but no internet

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    Wireless devices connected to WiFi, but no internet

    I don't know of any other forums that are relevant to my question, or even what category to post it under.

    So, I have Charter Communications as my present ISP. I previously had Qwest (before they changed to Century Link) and Viaero Wireless (who provided a modem that connected to the cell towers). I have both of the routers from the previous ISPs.

    I can connect my Charter cable modem to either router and to my computer and I have full internet access.

    Here is where my problem occurs. I have two different types of cell phones and two different types of tablets and all of them are powered by Android. All of them are able to detect and connect to the WiFi from both of the routers. All of the devices are able to display a great signal and full link speed. But every time I open the Play Store or browser, the devices say they have no internet access.

    My question is: Why are they not getting internet access and how I can solve this problem if it is possible?

    If someone believes my question can be answered on a specific forum (which category/topic/thread), please give me a link.

    Note: I do know that Charter provides a router with WiFi. But, I didn't have the money for it at the time I was having it installed. If I can use the routers I already have, I can save money. But if it is impossible to do that, then I will go ahead and buy one. I also know that I am trying to connect the Charter cable modem with the Qwest (Century Link) DSL modem/router. And I understand there may be conflicts. Although I can connect the Charter modem to the DSL router and get full internet speed on my computer AND I am able to connect to WiFi.

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    Verify if your router has a specific Country to set, set to your country if he has setting like that !
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