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Thread: Cannot run your speeds tests

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    Cannot run your speeds tests

    I have some speed issues.. so I'm going around to different websites testing. I have Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit, Chrome latest version (not beta). My internet connection is 105Mbps down.

    When I run your tests they get to the end then Chrome pops up an error window Aww snap something went wrong with this website.. I can click reaload or close the website. If I click reload Chrome tells me the website is unresponsive I can kill it or wait. If I wait, the aww snap message comes up again.

    I just want to test various sources.. Comcast reports I get 117Mbps down / 11Mbps up roughly.. DSL reports a lot lower... 33Mbps down and not even 1Mbps up!

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    By the way, this has been happening for awhile now.. I'm only just mentioning it. Sometimes I was able to get results to load in the past, but no more. I've tried MI, GA, and FL so far.

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    Really? Once again. Why the thread resurrection from over a year ago?

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