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Thread: Streaming to Blu-ray Disconnects - Likely Cause?

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    Streaming to Blu-ray Disconnects - Likely Cause?

    I've got an ASUS RT-AC68U router and a Samsung Blu-Ray Player (BD-D6500). My PC has an USB ASUS adapter. I use a program on my PC called Samsung AllShare to make videos available for streaming (wireless) to the blu-ray player. Samsung stopped issuing new AllShare releases around 2013 and moved to this new software called Samsung Link which I tried but seemed hard to use. At different times through history I've had major problems with disconnects (especially with an old D-Link router) and also had a some times where disconnects were basically non-existent. I'm connecting with the 5 Ghz band, channel is 149. I also manually set the wireless channel to be different than others I can see around me (all are 2.4 Ghz anyway I think, channel 6 mostly what I see).

    I'm looking for some thoughts on the most likely cause of this issue and best way to troubleshoot.

    1. Router is located in a basement utility room, lots of metal ducts and near electric panel and wiring. Interference? PC shows 5 bar strength.
    2. Firmware updates for router. Initial firmware seemed to have issues (could not download torrents - overloaded router, a few updates in were great. The problems seemed to happen again in the last few firmware updates. I'm wondering if I should try to go back to firmware from a few months ago where I had fewer problems (ASUS I think has taken many of the old versions away though). With the oldest and newest firmware my PC seemed to take a while to find the router when I booted it up. The mid-vintage firmware seemed to recognize the router quickly on boot and seemed stable. Is how fast the PC recognizes the connection with the router indicative of stability?
    3. Some kind issue with Windows Firewall or Virus scanner Avast messing with connections or causing a delay that causes software to hang in the process? I've seen issues with Avast on a few other machines.
    4. I've noticed there's an unsecured wireless connection in the neighborhood, I once saw my PC wander and try to connect with it rather than my own network.
    5. Interference from other services like Windows Media player streaming service. I turned that off still got disconnected.
    6. Some kind of router or network setting?
    7. Samsung Allshare software sucks, is there is really stable streaming server app that'll work with my Samsung Blu-ray? Was thinking of trying VLC Streamer.

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this as opposed to spending hours of trail and error (also hoping if I figure out the issue I can post it and next person that runs into the issue will google it and find this post). I guess I can try to use a wired connection between PC and router to see if that solves it. Next step would be wired connection between router and blu-ray. Obviously long term I want this all to work wirelessly though.

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    Update: I tried #3 turn off antivirus (no effect) and #5 stop windows media player service (no effect). I updated my USB adapter software and that seemed to reduce the frequency of the disconnects but further testing is required to see over time how stable things are.

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    As far as I know, the ASUS RT-AC68U has two USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0 I'd try to connect external storage to that port, and see if there is an issue streaming from there. This will at least indicate whether the issue is with your laptop (USB on it, streaming rate, driver, etc.), or the wireless connection between the router and the blu-ray player. 5GHz has more bandwidth, however, it is also more prone to interference, so I wouldn't rule out using 2.4 GHz.

    Just some ideas, I hope this helps.

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    Good point, I'll try connecting with the 2.4 Ghz connection. The reason I was using the 5 Ghz is that we only have an iPhone 5S sharing that band whereas there's a few devices using 2.4 Ghz connection already. On a router that is this new, I doubt it matters.

    Another theory that I came up with yesterday is that dropped connections may be related to the video/codec/format being played. I had good luck with a few movies and then got into an episode of a tv show that i was streaming and again was seeing dropped connections every 8 minutes or so. Hard to say though, I never know if a neighbor or something is turning some devices on or something intermittently also.

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