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Thread: Helped reunite dog w/ owner

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    Helped reunite dog w/ owner

    Happy for both of them.

    Local semi-transient guy who does tarot card reading for spare change.

    About 7 months ago he took a husky/shepherd/akita pup from a litter being given away in front of the grocery store next to my work.
    Love huskies and shepherds, not so big on akitas but only see that in her skull a bit.
    By far the nicest looking pup from the litter (a few others come into the store).

    Saw him carry the pup in his backpack till she got too big, chatted with him a few times about her.

    Nice guy. Amazingly awesome young dog. They're both outside my store every night like clockwork.

    I'm not big on transients with dogs but a lot of them take great care of their dogs and they mean a lot to them.
    This one is well fed and much loved.

    Middle of the week my co-worker pulled up a local site that is basically lost&found for pets. You lose or find a dog or cat or bird, post a picture of it w/ contact info, can even download a lost poster. Great site.

    Ran into the guy that afternoon while picking up lunch, told him his dog was safe and to swing by the store for the info.

    Printed out the contact info, when he left a message I gave him the store number to use for contact.

    Heard back from the nice woman who had the dog...and saw the 2 of them doing tarot readings a few hours later.

    Chatted with him a bit, bought him an ID tag for her w/ my phone number, as he said there was no one else he knew and trusted.

    I'd take this dog in a heartbeat, so I'm fine doing anything that will help her out.

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    Good story, does she help with the tarot reading?

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