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Thread: 30005/tcp open??

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    30005/tcp open??

    Hello everyone. I made a scan as logged off and the ports of my windows 8 operating system were closed. I made a scan as logged in and the 30005/tcp port (used my backdoor JZ / LItus) was open. I have upgraded my Ubuntu to 12.04 and I made a scan of the ports as logged off and they were closed. Then I made a scan as logged in and the 30005/tcp was open (also in Ubuntu 12.04 that I had installed the same day: yesterday!).

    I should also add this piece of information: I have scanned my computer with Nmap from another computer of my network and the ports were all filtered.

    Now, I am wondering: can be an error of SPEEDGUIDE scan port service?

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    Do you have Cox for an ISP? I do and port 30005 is open on both of my home computers. You can take this with a grain of salt but in my research I read that Cox keeps this port open for firmware updates. In all my research I encountered comments by people who seemed very computer literate and none were able to close that port. Mentioned also was a suspicion that it was a Cox-approved tunnel provided to the government.

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    Other than that old malware, port 30005 is also sometimes associated with TR-069, a protocol for remote management of end-user devices (modems, routers, gateways, VoIP phones, set-top boxes). It has some known exploits. You may want to try turning of TR-069 in your gateway, or, if not possible just forward the port to an unused local IP address.

    I have updated the port description in the security scan with some possible mitigation as well.
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