Hello all, so i live 200 miles away from my girlfriend and see her on a month to month basis, a month ago someone hacked into my aol account and changed my password and a day later hacked my instagram. That day i get my aol email back and my recent activity showed that someone from my girlfriends router was logged into my email and it wasn't her. They also logged into my gmail form her router. Also the person hacked her gmail and yahoo email and shut down her instagram and twitter, took her 2 days to get everything back. I and her changed all of our passwords and she changed her wireless network name which was ("HER NAME" 123) a given for a stalker i know, and she changed her password on that router. (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND ALL THE HACKINGS HAVE BEEN SHOWING UP VIA HER ROUTER LATE AT NIGHT) Before the hacking began, about a week before someone from a generic insagram account that is now shut down left messages talking about me and my girl and tagging her in the comments and all this stuff, also the day of the hacking the person who hacked my instagram (i know this because i got a email saying a email address was changed to the same address that was used to email me) the person wrote things basically repeating what they said on my instagram comments... So its been 3 weeks since thats happened or so. I just got back from seeing my girlfriend 2 days ago and this morning when i woke up instagram asked me to log in (which means my password was changed or account shut down). sure enough my instagram was locked out once again. I checked my gmail recent activities and sure enough.... someone logged into my gmail account at 12am last night and 2am.... I am a photographer/director of a popular growing music group and my girlfriend is a upcoming model so i think its a fan playing around so I'm not too "worried" but i do want to fix this issue. Whats going on here and how can i prevent this person from accessing which seems to be our networks via her router? Thank you!