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Thread: Network Buffer Measurements

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    Network Buffer Measurements

    Hey all,
    I've changed my ISP lately and im having 100mbps connection right now.
    While running ICSI Netalyzr( I received only 1 error and it's the following:

    Network buffer measurements (?): Uplink 1000 ms, Downlink is good
    We estimate your uplink as having 1000 ms of buffering. This is quite high, and you may experience substantial disruption to your network performance when performing interactive tasks such as web-surfing while simultaneously conducting large uploads. With such a buffer, real-time applications such as games or audio chat can work quite poorly when conducting large uploads at the same time.
    To ensure it's not coming from my router I checked with a different pc using wireless and had no errors at all.
    But when I check from this pc which is connected via LAN cable i get this error.
    I'm not really experiencing issues at the moment but I would like to know what I can do to solve it.

    Is it possible that this error comes from my Ethernet card?
    While checking my ethernet card options (Intel 82579V) I Encountered the next configurations:

    • -Interrupt Moderation: Enabled
    • -Jumbo Packet: Disabled
    • -Gigabit Master Slave Mode: Auto Detect
    • -Large Send Offload V2 (Ipv4): Enabled
    • -Large Send Offload V2 (Ipv6): Enabled
    • -Log Link State Event: Enabled
    • -Performance Options:
    • --Adaptive Inter-Frame Spacing: Disabled
    • --Flow Control: Rx & Tx Enabled
    • --Interrupt Moderation Rate: Adaptive
    • --Receive Buffers: 256 <- Maybe I Should Change This?
    • --Transmit Buffers: 512 <- Or This?
    • -Priority & VLAN: Priority & VLAN Enabled
    • -Received Side Scaling: Enabled
    • -Receive Side Scaling Queues: 1Queue
    • -TCP/IP Offloading Options:
    • --IPv4 Checksum Offload - Checked
    • --TCP Checksum Offload(IPv4) - Checked
    • --TCP Checksum Offload(IPv6) - Checked
    • --UDP Checksum Offload(IPv4) - Checked
    • --UDP Checksum Offload(IPv6) - Checked
    • -Wait for Link: Auto Detect
    • Link Speed: 100Mbps/Full Duplex
    • -Speed and Duplex Settings: Auto Negotiation

    If you require more information let me know,
    I will be glad to hear some advice since im not too familiar with this settings.
    Thanks ahead,

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    Receive side scaling need to be set at the number of cpu core

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