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Thread: external HD Issue

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    external HD Issue

    I have an external HD and made an image of my partition using acronis true home 2014 and it worked fine. When It was done, i wanted to see home much space it backed up. Normally I see the drive it uses (usually E) with the external HD name.

    I added a new printer and drivers to it so I figured I would do another image so it would include it. Today when I plugged my external HD it said (E) local disk, which is not correct. The same thing when I attempted to do another image normally i see (usually E) with the external HD name.Today i saw my external HD it said (E) local disk, which is not correct. When i attempted to do an image I kept on getting different error and the image never worked.

    What would coz my external HD to read that way when I plugged it in? Is the something I can do to the External HD so it will read the type of EHD it is, IF so, how plz?

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