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Thread: alternatives to cable

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    alternatives to cable

    Curious as to what you have instead of cable TV. Not really interested in satellite. Reached the end of line cable.

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    Rabbit ears and Hulu plus or netflix.

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    We only have a cable connection for our internet. All the TV we watch of OTA.

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    I made and use this
    without the back, Connected to an amp, then split to 3 PC TV tuners that feed many many XBMC clients. I get about 50+ channels where I am.

    As for non OTA, I have a program that does this (list of media it has downloaded and stored on the unraid server)

    automatically stored on a 13TB Unraid server in my basement

    I use XBMC on 2 Raspberry pi's and XBMC on 2 actual PC's. to view the live TV and downloaded media

    Use plex to stream it all (plex server running on the unraid server as a plug in) so I can access it all externally and share with friends

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    I used to like satellite but when the snow hits bye bye TV. I'm going to give a try to HuLu plus this month and if you are looking for something different there really isn't much.
    I recently got the WD hub 1tb and it's pretty flexible didn't even have the chance to look what's in there but I don't watch live tv except ice hockey or soccer everything is stream or direct download. I always take a look over here to make sure I'm not going to miss anything.
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    Pete, you should be an engineer.

    I was not thinking clearly when I made this post. Anyway. There are several channels that are "must have" I suppose I could find those online and watch. Then what would be the sense in having a TV anymore?

    This all started because of this
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    Rivas, good link.

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    Internet rocks who needs an tv lol

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    Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO Go

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    I have a $500 HTPC with a 3tb &1tb HD. The only thing I watch on TV is Live sports after the olympics is over its buh bye cable. I usually cut off the cable every summer anyway.

    There are enough live streams on the net so I don't really need cable tv. I dont mind waiting a day for the latest episode of family guy to be available on the net.

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

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