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Thread: Anyone used this partition management software?

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    Anyone used this partition management software?

    My father's computer (3,000 miles away) came with a useless partition that's 5x the size of the C drive partition.

    XP Home

    I want to adjust the partition sizes but can't do it without extra software.
    Trying to be extra careful as he does a lot of research he's squirreled away on there, plus a screenplay, plus photos of his deceased wife.

    Everything is backed up but doing everything remotely is a challenge.


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    Have not...back in the XP days mostly used Paragon we're a reseller and used a lot of their server products.
    They have a "free" version for home use, that does basic tasks.

    EaseUS has a lot of good free tools, we've used a few, they have a partition resizer which is free
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