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Thread: Need a Pro for Help Please!

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    Need a Pro for Help Please!

    First of all sorry for my english,

    I have a cable internet packet with 50 mbit download and 4 mbit upload,

    I can get nearly 49 mbit download but only 1.5mbit upload,

    I called my ISP a lot of times for a solution,but all they say is my signals are normal,

    I took some photos while the tech was looking to cables from the box in the apartment.
    (but i doubt that he knows what he was doing)

    The photos of connection(building's box),tcp analizer,my speed tests and my modems signal screenshots are attached,

    Can you advise me what to do for maxing my upload and better pings please?

    Best Regards,

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    What is ur OS?

    I cannot see any of ur screenshot attachment!
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