I have a 56 VW bug that never came with fuel gauge. The tank holds about 8.5 to 9 gallons of gas. I can get about 200 miles to the tank on daily commutes to work. So I know when I need to get gas. Problem is I do not want to cut a hold in my tank to add a Float nor cut a hole in my dash to add a fuel gauge.

I remember years ago, there were in line kits you could measure fuel flow and set limits (digital display) for how much you have / used. I can't find them on any web searches. At least anything that uses standard 3/8 line hoses. I've seen some flow meters that are used for Fuel pumps that connect to standard 3/4 pump lines. But I don't think these will adapt for what I want. I was hoping for a sender inline that measure flow and pass that info electrically to a display I can mount under my dash. I really do not want to cut into my tank to add a float.