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Thread: New Linksys EA6300 keeps port 53484 opened for SmartWifi account access.

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    New Linksys EA6300 keeps port 53484 opened for SmartWifi account access.

    Good Day.

    I just got the new Linksys EA6300, from the new line of LinkSys Smart Wifi Routers family.

    Let me say first that it is terrific in its features.

    So I setup it up for a Lynksys Smart Wifi account and I though: "Wow, great". So after I played with its features, I decided to have the router checked for opened ports here at To my surprise, the results indicated that port 53484 was opened. Upon checking the logs, I saw quite a few incoming logs on that port. Doing a check on the IP addresses, they were all from Egypt (I'm in Canada) and such overseas places.

    I started to peruse the LinkSys help and forums, but there was absolutely no mention of this port 53484 being opened. I started to suspect the SmartWifi Account needing a port to come in. After reading the documentation over with greater attention, the manual mentioned on page 8 how to disable Remote Access. I did so and the router is now clean with all its ports closed after another check on Of course, no more incoming logs on that port either. And I also lost all the benefits of accessing the Router from "anywhere in the world" as the documentation suggests, and any Smart Phone access as well.

    I've always made sure that my router(s) were bullet-proof in the past. But with these new Smart Wifi Routers, (I'm sure others may or will be doing that) with the Smart Phone and Remote accesses a bit of a security issue? What will happen when the whole world knows of these opened ports? It may be a free for all for the "bad guys" to get into these routers and sow havoc?

    Of course I plug the hole, deleted my LinkSys SmartWifi Account and I'll manage the router the old traditional way: from home when I'm there.

    Have any of you heard of this?

    Thank You for whatever your thoughts and comments may be on this.



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    So how did you end up fixing the open port cuz my wife Dad just got the same type of system

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    Welcome to SG.

    To close the port on Linksys routers, make sure any "remote access" and "smart phone access" is disabled, and test the port with the security scan on the main site:

    Let us know if this works to close the ports.
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