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Thread: What are your hobbies.

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    What are your hobbies.

    See thread title.

    Fishing, hunting (though not in a while), hiking, ice fishing, geocaching, BOURBON! wILL ADD MORE AS i THINK OF IT.

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    Drag racing
    OU football
    Thunder basketball
    I'd like to try geocaching...looks like fun.
    I'd like to get into hiking as well.
    I'm about to buy a bike so soon I'll be riding. (Honda Shadow until I can afford the custom bike I REALLY want)
    Watching Riley grow up.

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    IT/Technology, Drumming and Guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    See thread title.

    Fishing, hunting (though not in a while), hiking, ice fishing, geocaching, BOURBON! wILL ADD MORE AS i THINK OF IT.
    cooking,photography,dogs,travel,tattoos,hiking,home theater.
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    Much less mtn biking, hiking, camping now that I work so much, but still go for huge dog walks on the beach or in the redwoods.

    Metal detecting. Coin collecting, gardening, cooking bachelor feasts. Good music, beer, photography, my dogs, my apple trees, landscaping, maintaining my computers and planted 55-gallon tank and leopard gecko terrariums.

    Love canoeing and disc golf but been a long time since I did either.

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    Somewhere along the shoreline in New England
    Cooking and eating out.
    Traveling with my wife
    My Harley...riding it, especially with my wife on the back, and working on it, slowly restoring it (it's up on a lift in my garage right now with the rear end taken up rear wheel area, replacing rear brakes)
    Anything beach/ocean

    I don't game much anymore
    Don't play my guitar much anymore.
    MORNING WOOD Lumber Company
    Guinness for Strength!!!

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    My music collection has kinda leveled out, but I'm still really fond of it and of having CDs rather than just audio files on a PC.

    Gaming is probably my most active hobby.

    Enjoy messing around in, doing some photochopy stuffs. Somewhat recently I was able to repair a very old family photo of my great grandparents, was nice to accomplish.

    Like fixing things too, as long as its a project I'm choosing and not having throw at me.

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    New stuff:
    I recently got a 'new to me' turntable and have been spending a lot of time at thrift stores searching for as many Jim Nabors albums as I can find
    My music tastes have been evolving lately and I have really started to enjoy Jazz and more instrumental music these days. Makes for interesting sessions, one minute it's Slayer, Pantera and Tool then Wynton Marsalis, Steely Dan and Gerry Mulligan.
    For digital music I have been really enjoying Google Play...each account can backup 20k songs and does a good job of organizing and streaming my collection.
    I have also turned into a speaker hoarder from finding good deals at thrifts and off CL. My current list in no particular order:
    Polk SDA 2b's
    Polk monitor 10's
    Polk Monitor 7
    Paradigm Export monitors
    Avid 102a
    Boston Acoustics A70
    DCM KX-212
    Acoustic Research Classic Model 18
    Acoustic Research AR-2ax
    Realistic Minimus 7w
    JBL L50

    I still love playing Table Tennis but the clubs are just too far away from my house to participate with any consistency. No one in my house has enough skill to be fun for me plus the boy really doesn't like to play anyway.

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    Spending time with and helping my son learn, computers, guitar, forest gardening, philosophy

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    Spending time with and helping my son learn, computers, guitar, forest gardening, philosophy
    Hey John
    Hope you're doing well.

    What is forest gardening?
    Around here they're massive illegal pot grows on national forest property.

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    Fishing (catch and release only), gold panning/prospecting/gem hunting, camping, meteor hunting, soccer, rc racing (water and land), rollerblading, goped racing (thinking about changing this for dirt bike racing), pc games, technology in general (gadgets etc), my 5 year old niece .....

    I always liked ATV but when I found out about DTV shredder I was in love. Unfortunately I can't afford it anytime soon.
    To be human is to choose.

    It is better to die on your feet
    than to live on your knees.

    - Emiliano Zapata

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    So. California
    Right now I'm pretty consumed by bicycling. Nothing intense, just a lot or recreational rides with my wife on the weekends. I do play guitar and have just come out of over a year of hibernation with it and I'm starting to practice daily in order to start jamming with a friend of mine.

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    First Off...Hi John nice to see your Smilin Face again & Congrats on the Son

    My CD collecting has slowed down a bit as i haven't spent as much time listening of late. Not sure why really?

    This time of year its watching my beloved Leafs Hockey Team. They are doing well & are a couple of trades or acquisitions away from being a contender, but are competitive most nights.

    Other than trying to keep up with my family, grandkids etc not much else happening in my life. If it wasn't for Doctor appointments for myself & my Mom i wouldn't have any social life at all it seems.



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    being a techy redneck.



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