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Thread: Ping high at first hop

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    Exclamation Ping high at first hop

    Ok so I've had many internet issues and they claimed 4 storms (we've had no storms in 3-4 months) messed with service and that it's fixed. Then something else pops up, well I took it upon myself to swap modems at the cable place and the latency was ok at first but when running a trace, the first hop has spikes of latency.

    Is this the modem to the street, inside the modem, or what?

    1 64 ms 880 ms 30 ms twdp-***-***-***-*** [blocked ip for privacy]

    Thats just the first hop in any trace no matter where I trace to, what can I do about it? local techs think there's no issue, but I can tell since I work at home.

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    Try to do a continuous ping for 5 to 10 mts and if a noticeable latency is there , your local techs will be able to help you out.

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