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Thread: Music Software

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    Music Software

    Am picking up the guitar, just starting out. Anyone know of software that breaks down the tracks on a CD so you can hear the one instrument you want? Do they make something that converts that to sheet music?

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    Audacity might work. I would also suggest doing a search for tabs as well.

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    Since a CD is basically a 2 track medium (stereo) you're not really going to be able to break them down into tracks (as they were recorded). You can tweak the eq to filter out what you might not want to hear but there will still be some bleed through. Since you're just starting out I would play around with Audacity to see how you like the whole recording/mixing aspect of playing. If you find it's something you're going to stick with I would suggest one of the lower end versions of Cubase.

    What kind of music are you trying to learn and how are you going about it?

    This site..

    has some nice loops in different keys that you can jam to and try and work things out that way.

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