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Thread: Finding out which port a phone based game uses

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    Finding out which port a phone based game uses

    I'm kinda new to this but I have a basic grasp of what I'm doing.

    Does anyone know which port the android game "Wordfeud" uses? I've tried using a packet sniffer on my phone with no luck and also using an Android emulator with Wireshark but I still cannot find which port is being used.

    Can anyone help at all? I'd be happy to attach a Wireshark report if that is safe?

    Trying to block it via the router so my daughter cannot use it (all sorts of wierdos and freaks on there - supposed to be a word game for goodness sake!)

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    You may want to install a free app called "OS Monitor". It displays all processes, and all their connections with IPs and port numbers used (look under the "CONNECTION" tab).

    I hope this helps.

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